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Titanium Kemai products have undergone long-term testing under strict conditions, ensuring strict product quality. The company's products have passed CE certification, EMC electromagnetic compatibility certification, low-temperature minus 40 degree test certification, salt spray test certification, low-pressure test certification, and accuracy testing certification. All have certificates issued by the state or relevant departments.
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We are a first-class supplier of industrial control equipment, providing our customers with the highest quality products, services, and solutions.
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Dongguan Tikemai Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd
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Tikemai Technology has been developing in the field of industrial automation since 2007. Its product range has expanded to include position sensors, pressure sensors, and visualization tools, online detection solutions for thickness, gap, flatness, and assembly accuracy, as well as application development, sales, debugging services, and system integration in the field of motion control technology. Our company has close cooperation with multiple world-renowned enterprises. The accuracy and reliability of the product are guaranteed by the brand enterprise, and the product comes from the field of advanced technology research and long-term successful experience. We strictly communicate with customers, propose the best solution for each application, develop customized products, and are a constantly advancing high-tech company with strong technical strength to develop special sensors to meet the special needs of different users for sensors; The strength of TikMai Company is also reflected in its diverse product categories. Germany's most renowned high-performance conductive plastic technology, Novotechnik linear displacement sensors, and the United States Setra precision pressure sensors.
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How can we understand industrial big data, how can industrial big data empower intelligent production, and how can we move towards the future industrial internet based on intelligent production? Th...
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